A free VST plugin for editing of JV1010 patches on a Windows platform.

Quickie instructions

**** The plugin requires it’s own Midi Port – so you’ll have to release it from your DAW. This is because a lot of DAWs don’t support SysEx message routing, this is true for Ableton and Sonar for instance. In order to support these mainstream packages, Javelin must take control of the Midi port that the JV is connected to – all of your own midi messages should be routed through this track ****

  • The JV1010 is automated with System Exclusive mode Midi – you’ll need to connect both out and in to your Midi interface.
  • Then select your Midi in and out ports in the top-right dropdowns.
  • Click the Midi toggle switch (top-est right).
  • Click the Identity Request, you should see your JV Midi light flash and a response like ‘Roland JV/XP’ on the plugin LCD.
  • Click ‘Get Patchtone’ and wait 600ms (!), if all goes well the screen controls will now reflect the settings of you current patch. You can modify the controls and play some notes to preview your changes.
  • Select a user patch number – 1-128 – in the bottom right control. Click Save and your patches are saved to the JVs internal user memory.

Javelin JV Alpha 2 Р12/05/2017

  • Midi will now connect automatically.
  • Corrected Plugin interface to work with Sonar.

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